What exactly is detox? Why is it important to detox your body? Simply put, detox is a process in which a person follows some specific methods to eliminate toxins from the body. Some changes may be temporary, and may be adopted at some intervals to cleanse the body.

How does detoxification work?

Basically, detoxification means purifying the blood. It involves removal of impurities from the blood in liver and kidneys. The body gets rid of toxins from lungs, lungs, intestines, and skin. Studies suggest that every person should detox the body once in a year. There are several ways to cleanse your body. A few changes in diet, drink, and lifestyle can make great changes in your body.

Here are some great ways to detoxify your body in a natural way:

1. The Apple Detox

One can switch to three to four apples a day as this would reduce your calorie intake. Try eating at least six apples raw daily for a few days and this will act as a colon cleansing diet.

2. Lemonade cleanse

This is known as the “master cleanse.” It is one of the most popular cleanses for people all over the world. Add a few drops of lemon juice to water and drink it throughout the day. Being citrus in nature, it contains high pH levels and helps to break down fat molecules. Drinking this four to five times a day can help to detox your body naturally.

3. Plenty of water

Increase your water intake and this will help to flush out the toxins from your body. It regulates the bowel movements and flushes out toxins from your body.

4. Eat more fiber

Fiber is the best nutrient for maintaining proper digestive function. Increase your fiber intake to detoxify your body by including whole-grain cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, pasta and rice, lentils, and almonds.

5. Avoid Alcohol

Reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake when you want to detox your body as they can hinder the cleansing process of the body. The toxins present in caffeine and alcohol impair the liver and kidney function. They also prevent your body from cleansing itself.

6. Eat superfoods

Some of the superfoods that help in body cleansing are garlic, blueberries, apples, papaya, carrots, and beets. These foods speed up the cleansing process of your body.

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